If it's not fun, don't do it!


Ok, Ron is a computer geek. A 50 year old computer geek. One that has really gotten in to web design. Started with our own page here. Then I helped design and up keep one for our church. After that I built one for my first customer....a friend that opened a new flower business in a local small town. And then a new one  for a sports management firm out of Tempe, AZ. With each one I learn more and more on what I can do and how I can make each one better with the tools I have at my disposal. I have a landscaping firm from a local town that I just started, and one  for the largest independent insurance agency in Iowa that I am just starting to wrap up. Who knows where it will go from there. It has transpired into our little company called RonPaula TechDesigns LLC. We officially listed the company name and will do this for to help fill a need that we see out there for those needing a web presence at an exceptionally reasonable price.

Most companies that do design work charge an arm and a leg. I am doing this to be able to offer a low cost solution for small companies, DBA and LLC to be able to have a cheap but good looking presence on the web. The web server I use is 1&1. They are the largest in their field and can do what I need for only $4 or $5 per month. For the $400-$600 you get pretty much everything built to get you started and I will even spend an hour with someone to show them how to make minor updates and changes to your site without my help. If in the future you have a need for my services to fix or redesign something, the cost will be per incident. NO per hour charging. Small firms doing work like this charge as much as $1500 for the start up, they want an annual upgrade fee plus charge $75 per hour for updating. Click here for our prices.

Another plus is that I can help with logo and marketing design work. I've done business cards, marketing materials and logo design for some of my web customers plus local small businesses like paint companies, hair stylist, and not for profits. Check out the tabs to see sites we have built and some graphics we have designed.

Finally, we offer reasonable prices on minor PC repairs. If your system is running slow, want to change from your "fee based" anti virus to AVG or MS Security Essentials, would like additional RAM purchased and installed in both desktops and laptops. Does your PC take 10 minutes to boot up. Want to change your ethernet home high speed connection to a wireless for your laptop. We can help.  We purchase guaranteed acceptable RAM from Crucial.com. If it isn't compliant, you get to return it for free and you don't owe me a charge. We can help clean out seldom used programs to free up more space on your hard drive.  Dozens of happy customers have already enjoyed faster computers and better connections after we have spent some time working on your computer.