If it's not fun, don't do it!

 Paula has been doing the HGTV gig in the kitchen and living room as of late. Hammered bronze brown spray paint in a can has reformed our dining table light fixture, all the knobs in the kitchen, and a wall hanging in the living room! Two new black tables of the distressed type and soon the other two coffee tables will be sanded, distressed and painted black as well.

 This would be the company {1&1 Internet Inc.} that we use for our host of the website. I have had no problems from day one with them. Cheap, easy, and super call center service. If you decide to get one of your own, tell them we sent you.

DISH DVR. This machine rocks! So easy. Paula and I both love it and wonder why we would ever have VCR again. This thing could be the best purchase behind our first computer purchase! Two months later, I can still tell you this is our greatest technology item even over the wireless network.

Trying something new; striping down an old computer to give to our friends with the new adopted kid from Russia and going to format it to be for him.....to play learning games to help with numbers and alphabet and colors.

Fun stuff for this year has included adding 600 sq ft of concrete patio to the back yard and flower beds around them. Last fall, we replaced all the windows in the house. Ron is persuing new adventures with his job at Principal Financial, and Paula is settling into her new position with First National Bank Midwest.

Just got word that the flower beds should be done next week and then I can put in the felt, the lighting, the rocks and some plants. All perrenials and then a could "feature" plants in the corners. Plus the burning bush that we transplanted has bit the big one and will be getting replaced before winter.

Went with new Westinghouse LED outdoor lighting system. Supposed to be drastically brighter than solar and drastically cheaper on electricity than halogen. Guess we will see. Put in 8 for now. Can add another 18 on the same transformer.  Landscaper finished getting in the dirt so I hope to have everything finished except plants. Paula gets input on those. Looking at boxwood bushes and purple myrtle and lemon balm ground cover.

Paula is finding a passion. Home remodeling!. We had a light over the dining room table that was ugly in color alone. After a couple coats of "hammered bronze brown" spray paint it looks phenominal. Next will be the gold toned kitchen drawer handles! She is on a roll!

Next painting projects will be kitchen knobs and the trim on the ceiling light in the kitchen. Paula and I spent her birthday evening putting in bushes and perrenials, citronella lamps and reburying some of the low voltage lines. The backyard is close to being done for this year.

April 9 we get a new floor on the deck and stairs. After that we get it power washed and build a room underneath. A few electrical outlets and we have the backyard mostly finished.

Seems like everything is new around here. New siding, new room under the deck, new electrical outlets in the rear of the house, more landscape lighting on the front, the back and the east, new flowers and new trees! She has started adding some ideas for furniture in the new outside room and how we can finish off the inside of it.

The most recent HGTV clue that Ron got from Paula was that one of the living room walls would look better if it was painted a couple shades darker. Make the light colored fireplace have more pop. My bet is that we will be at Lowe's inside a week and buy the paint and the new cupboard handles that she is wanting for the kitchen. The paint on the old ones look great and she is determined to get nice ones now.

Yeah, she went nuts. New handles, new curtains and rods, had me build some cornish boards for the slider and dining room window, and still looking to make me paint the "accent wall" in the living room a darker color before winter. She had way too much time on her hands with the remote, a DVR and bed rest for three days after surgery.