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Affiliate Links
The following companies are used by RonPaula TechDesigns LLC and using the links below give credit to us for sending your business their way:

 1&1 Webhosting                      Queensboro Embroider



The site that started all my career in computers: Chris, I owe you a lot! LOCKERGNOME

Nine months a year, I monitor stroke for stroke the action: PGA TOUR; and for updates on the local tournament turn to Principal Charity Classic.

The wave of the future in secure spending from a 7 year customer: PAYPAL

How about a plug for his employer, PRINCIPAL; and her's, FNBM.

Our friends are using one of the best Russian adoption agencies around: CampHope

If you are looking for us Sunday mornings: WestDesMoines United Methodists

This company rocks when it comes to webhosting and service: 1 & 1.

Everyone has favorites and on the net, ours are Google, Microsoft, and Ad-Aware.

If you know Ron, he frequently gets put on eBay probation from overuse!

All our computers and those of people we help buys computers come from Dell.

Our audio/video pleasures compliments of Dish Network.

In the Iowa area and need tree service, trimming or removal? Haag Tree Service

Need flowers from the central Iowa area; call Kerry's Flowers

Greatest putter ever made, Talon 3 by Fisher Golf.

New customer for web design is Cool Breeze Sports Management out of Tempe AZ. Home of the agency handling our friend, RW Eaks.

Need great auto service without dealing with a dealer!!! Try the Midas Touch!!!