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2010 Principal Charity Classic
Caddie Concierge' Tent


Well known on the Champions Tour as the best stop for the caddies.  If the caddies are happy, the players are happy. Even with a name of the caddie tent, it has been known to be frequented by 60 of the 80 pro golfers during the 2009 stop. But it is up to the caddies. Its their tent. If they don't want you there, they will tell you to leave! Check out the following about sponsors for 2010, the schedule, parking and any other changes that can be expected.

Lets try a few improvements. Some asked for desserts. I got you two companies to take care of that need. First, the most popular ice cream company in the Midwest, Wells Blue Bunny is bringing a variety of ice cream treats. Next, from Jaarsma's Bakery in Pella, dutch letters, the greatest danish dessert.

Next improvement.......fresh Anderson Erickson "Half and Half" creamer for your Brewsters coffee. No more powder, no more mini fake cream flavor containers. Only the best fresh creamer supplied by the best dairy cows the Midwest has to offer. Imagine how good that coffee will taste going down as you enjoy the expanded continental breakfast offerings we have gathered for this year.

Ok, for those that don't know what a caddie holiday is, here is the short version. A rain out. And what have the caddies asked to have in case a caddie holiday occurs......movie tickets. Carmike Theaters has offered each caddie one movie pass for any movie showing at their theater during the stay of the tournament. Don't even need rain......pick a day and go watch a flick!

If you want to be entertained and enjoy a sprited beverage, we have two new sponsors; The Funny Bone and Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar. Both are located in the West Glen complex directly outside the front gate. Free tickets to the Funny Bone where the headliner will know you are in town, and free cover to go to the hottest new live entertainment spot on the west side.

Our best improvement is the new tent is now sponsored by the largest sporting goods supplier in the Midwest, Scheels!! They have paid the only expense we have each year to bring this "home away from home" to you.....the tent. They have also been putting together a package of items for each caddie to receive when you check in. Clothing items, food items, and a gift card in case you need to replace some sports wear while in town. Huge KUDOS to Scheels for their help.

Sponsors for the 2010 Caddie Concierge Tent
Sponsored by SCHEELS

Accel Fitness
Adams Golf
Aetrex/Callaway Orthotics
Allegiant Airlines
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Beauty First
Best Port-a-lets
Blue Moon Piano Bar
Bonefish Grill
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bullfrog Sunblock
Cedar Creek Popcorn
Century - Jordan Creek Theaters
Chili's Grill
Club Glove
Colleen McDowell
Cookie's BBQ
Delta Airlines
Des Moines Register
Dixie's Campus Cleaners
FireCreek Grill
Funny Bone Comedy Club
Godfather's Pizza
Hyvee - Mills Civic
Iowa Cubs
Jaarsma Bakery
Jason's Deli
Jimmy John's
Kenneth Paul Gallery
Kerry's Flowers
Legends American Grill
Loffredo Fresh Produce
Maid-Rite Diner
My Favorite Muffin & Bagel
Nature Valley
Norwalk Family Dentistry
Olive Garden
Original Legends Sports Bar
Panchero's Fresh Mexican
Panera Bread
Principal Bank
Rogers Restaurant Group
RonPaula TechDesigns LLC
Scheel's Sports
SI Sports News Group
Sterzing's Potato Chips
Subway Sandwiches
Summerset Wines
Templeton Rye
Traviss Audio Video
Wells Blue Bunny
Willow Creek Golf Club